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Corporate Catering

Thomson Catering is call on over 41 years of experience to provide quality corporate & industrial catering and management facilities services. When we started the our catering services, our idea was to work closely with our clients to create outstanding partnerships based on trust, confidence and providing efficient service to top up all as a One-Stop-Service.

Many of our clients have been with us since the early days of the business, testament to our dedication to them and to their changing needs. Always evolving and innovative, here in Thomson Catering we continue to inspire our teams to move ahead with changing times to keep our clients satisfied and our customers coming back for more. Giving them the assurance: Value-for-money dishes, day-in, day-out and within affordable budget.

Hence, in Thomson Catering - we see ourselves as a big small business with all of the necessary resources to support our clients, yet with the flexibility and personalised service that can only come from a thriving, owner-managed business.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater from small to large group workforce on site providing services ranging from meal-package supply of breakfast, tea-breaks, lunch , dinner and that extra touch when it comes to Buffet-catering for those special corporate events or office-functions for meetings & seminars. Apart from this, we also provide Canteen Management services as a whole operation and Kiosk-services for sites & dormitories.

The product, quality and presentation of food are key drivers when it comes to the service which Thomson Catering delivers to its clients. quality, commitment and service under pins our company vision and values no matter how big the contract...if you provide a service...provide it well.

Our credentials

"We appreciate very much of the service rendered in the coordination and arrangement of sound system, tent and the food catered."

We refer to our Ground Breaking Ceremony on 29th Mar 2011, at our work site at Jurong Island Highway, NEWater Infrastructure Plan Extension C4 Project. We appreciate very much of the service rendered in the coordination and arrangement of sound system, tent and the food catered. We have also received positive feedback on the varieties of food and most important the qualities of the food and for that we have to give you a “Thumb Up� Also not forgetting your service Staff for their good service. Once again, we thank you for the good and quality service rendered and look forward to future collaboration.

"Congratulations for receiving ExxonMobil's 2010 Safety, Health and Environment recognition award!"

ExxonMobil appreciates Thomson Catering & Enterprises Pte Ltd's support in providing food and beverage to our fellow safety partners for the past many year. your service quality has been consistent, reliable and timely for all the daily meals including turnaround periods. you has also demonstrated great care and commitment in keeping your food preparation place clean thus ensuring the food hygienic. in addition, you passed the frequent unannounced NEA inspection which calls for high standards of cleanliness and food storage and management. We hope this award will spur your company for more safe performance and achieve another healthy year for fellow safety partners 2010!

"Thank you for yesterday buffet arrangement at ITE West College"

Hi Jansen Thank you for yesterday buffet arrangement at ITE West College This time round, we are very happy with your services as all my customers are very happy and everything goes on smoothly as planned. Great to have your service at helm and we look forward to your future services if needed. Thank

"All the participants including the "Ang Moh" trainer commended on the delicious food."

We hired Thomson Catering for our training sometime in April 2010. All the participants including the "Ang Moh" trainer commended on the delicious food. On top of this, their decoration and the timely delivery of the food are commendable. I also find the Assistant Sales Manager, Diana Xie to be extremely thoughtful, helpful, friendly and professional in every way. Once again, thank you so much for being such a wonderful Caterer. And YES, a thumbs up for the wonderful work done! I will definitely recommend Thomson Catering to any other contacts be it; my friends, colleagues or relatives.

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